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Genesis Cloud

Genesis VLE"Learning is breaking out of the narrow boxes that it was trapped in during the 20th century; teachers' professionalism, reflection and ingenuity are leading learning to places that genuinely excite this new generation of connected young school students — and their teachers too. The VLE helps to make sure that their learning is not confined to a particular building, or restricted to any single location or moment." -- Dr. Stephen Heppell

Genesis Cloud is an all-encompassing virtual learning (VLE) and content management system (CMS), designed to combine and manage all aspects of interactive learning. Genesis Cloud is a hosted, online solution which can be accessed by any computer in the classroom, on campus or remotely through the internet.

Genesis Cloud can be used to create, control and manage entire courses, or to supplement standard course material. Students access course material in their virtual online environment, interact with other students, do homework and take tests all in one “virtual” location. Instructors have full control of the system and how students interact with it.

Pre-designed courses may also be uploaded to the system. Genesis Cloud supports the SCORM open standard for on-line learning materials. This gives instructors the option of developing their own materials or using ready-made courses from publishing houses or free sharing locations.

Genesis Cloud ConfigurationLessons, labs and tests may all contain any number of multimedia resources to enrich the learning experience. Audio, video, graphics and text may all be combined in various types of activities, making the Cloud learning experience extremely powerful.

With Genesis Cloud, you can truly Educate, Collaborate and Evaluate in the Cloud!

Genesis Cloud is an extension of Linguatronics localized language lab systems, Genesis LC2 and LC1. Genesis Cloud simulates the classroom or learning laboratory experience in a virtual learning environment (VLE).

Genesis Cloud can be used as the core component of your distance learning system, and can be integrated into your local, physical learning environment.

Instructors may create their own course material, or import readily available materials in SCORM format. Use of this open-source format allows for easy sharing of quality learning materials.

Course creation is simple and does not require any advanced technology skills. Step-by-step templates allow instructors to create courses which may contain text, graphics, video files, audio files, tests, conversations, video conferencing, and many other multimedia tools. Courses and students are tracked within the integrated Genesis Cloud system.

Genesis Cloud includes an integrated SpeechMate digital recorder module, allowing students to practice foreign language conversation and drills from any web browser. This special language lab tool facilitates language learning from any computer on the planet. All student recordings are stored on the central Genesis Cloud server at the Linguatronics data center.

Why Genesis Cloud?

Genesis Cloud User Interface

The Genesis Cloud Interface gives you access to all Genesis Cloud functions and features. Instructors and students access Genesis Cloud through a standard internet browser, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Genesis Cloud Interface      Genesis Cloud Interface       Genesis Cloud Interface
Genesis Cloud Welcome Page        SpeechMate Online - Student     SpeechMate Online – Instructor

Genesis Cloud Interface      Genesis Cloud Interface
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Genesis Cloud Requirements:

Genesis Cloud Courses may include the following: