Labstar Headsets

Labstar FastBoard Digital Whiteboard

FastBaordThe Labstar FastBoard turns any whiteboard into a digital whiteboard. With FastBoard there is no need to purchase expensive, dedicated "smart boards". The FastBoard sensor can be moved from room to room and easily placed on your regular whiteboard.

This unique technology allows you to use traditional whiteboards, walls, tabletops and even glass as your whiteboard surface.

Installation is a snap and the accompanying software installs in minutes. Draw freehand in vibrant color, annotate on Microsoft PowerPoint documents and use tools that help focus attention on lesson or meeting content.

FastBoard works with any projector and Windows computer. It comes with a lightweight stylus and powerful interactive software.

• Can be placed along any "edge" of the board
• Easy and flexible installation options
• Magnetic mounting plate makes attaching to a metallic board a snap
• Includes mounting plate for no-fuss installation on non-magnetic surfaces
• Two-button stylus with left and right click
• Includes one pen and six interchangeable tips

FastBoard in Use