Labstar Headsets

Labstar LS-150 Listening Center 
Labstar LS-150
The Labstar LS-150 Listening Center was designed to provide unique and much needed solutions in multimedia lab integration. The LS-150 provides listening and recording capabilities for one or two connected headsets.

The LS-150 allows the user to hear their own voice through the connected headset and have excellent stereo sound!

In addition, the LS-150 is an external USB sound card for use with Laptops and other computers needing sound quality upgrades and external volume control.

The LS-150 also enhances Genesis Language lab systems when a variety of computers are used. This component provides matching sound cards for the Genesis system.

LS-150 LS-150 Front

• Two Micorphone Inputs
• Two Headphone Outputs
• One Line Input
• One Line Output
• External Volume Control
• Built-in USB HUB
• Two USB Ports
• Powered by PC USB Port