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Labstar UNI-COM AV Controller
Are you tired of having too many remote controls in your multimedia conference room or classroom?

Do you need a simple, yet powerful AV control solution?

UNI-COM is the all-in-one solution for connecting and controlling all of your AV devices directly from your computer screen or from a hardware touch panel.

The UNI-COM AV Controller is a combined A/V Switcher, IR Remote Interface, Environment Controller and Stereo Amplifier.

UNI-COM is used all over the world in conference rooms, multimedia classrooms, language laboratories, training centers, distance learning centers and information display centers.

UNI-COM Computer InterfaceFeatures:
• Seven Analog A/V Sources
• Two Computer Sources
• Multiple A/V Outputs
• Multiple Computer Outputs
• IR Remote Control Interface for all Connected Devices
• 40 Watt/Channel Stereo Amplifier
• Stereo Speaker Ports
• Digital Interface for Computer Control
• Controlled through the Genesis Interface, Standalone
Software or Hardware Keypad
• Software Controls Provide Control of All A/V Devices from the Computer Screen without the Need for Hardware Remote Controls
• Lighting Control Ports
• Projection Screen Control Ports

Control Possibilities:
• DVD  • Audio Cassette • VCR • Visualizer • Computer • Camera • Projector • Screen • Lighting