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Labstar VS-400 Media Server
Labstar VS-400
The Labstar VS-400 Video Server system allows students and teachers to play high quality video and audio clips over a network or the internet. The server and its media are accessed via standard web pages, allowing for connection from any networked computer.

The VS-400 can broadcast hundreds of different videos simultaneously to different connected clients. A unique feature of the system is that the teacher has the ability to fully control broadcasting, using the integrated Access Time Control. With this control, instructors may determine when videos are available for viewing by students.

Videos in the system may also be bookmarked to make it easy for students to jump to specific segments of the video. Bookmarks are easy to create, and students can jump to one by simply selecting that bookmark during video playback.

Instructors and administrators can also make use of the web-based management system for media, account and access management.

The VOD management system allows instructors and administrators to manage the media library easily through functions such as add, delete, upload, etc. Videos and audio files can be added to the system from any connected computer. So once a video has been encoded or downloaded, it can easily be added to the VOD system from anywhere on campus, or even from home.

VS-400 diagram

The Labstar VS-400 Media Server is designed to run and support the Genesis VOD and VLE systems. This robust server can store and stream thousands of hours of video and audio, as well as manage complete courses.

User Features:
• Integrates with Genesis LC2 System
• Add / Delete Media
• Edit Media Information
• Manage User Accounts
• Set Time Schedules for Users to Access Media Files
• Search and Watch Videos
• Bookmark Media Files
• Select Different Chapters in Current Video
• Control Playback Functions (Play, Pause, STP, RW, FF)

Technical Features:
• Tower or Rack Chassis
• Stream through Firewalls
• Stream Content with DRM
• Stream HD Video
• Supports 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios
• Fast Streaming
• Stream w/o Downloading
• Broadcast Live
• Intelligent Streaming
• Indexing
• Administering and Logging