We are the sole official agent for the Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon in Turkey and also process candidates anywhere in the world

We verify, evaluate and process: work, training and education documents from Turkey for the prestigious French Institution of Higher Education degrees through the validation of the knowledge gained from work, education and training experience known in French as the validation des acquis de l'experience (VAE).


The VAE or Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience is a procedure that allows any French educational institution to grant degrees partly or completely based on work experience. With the Law of Social Modernization of January 17, 2002, Universities and other "établissements d'Enseignemernt supérieurs" (Institutions of Higher Education) are specially authorised to grant the standard degrees (BTS, DEUG, Licence, Maîtrise, DES, DESS, Master, Mastaire, etc.) based only on the work experience of the candidate. The required minimum of work experience was lowered from five to three years.

The VAE is now included in the French Code of Education (code l' Education de la République Française) at Partie législative, Troisième partie, Livre VI, Titre Ier, Chapitre III, Section 2, Art. L613-3 à L613-6.

It is important to note that (Art L-613-4) states: "The validation produces the same effects as the knowledge or aptitude testing process that it replaces." The degrees and diplomas obtained through the VAE process are exactly the same and any mention of the VAE is prohibited in order to fight possible unlawful discrimination. As the diploma issuance is based on experience, mastering the French language is not required.

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Note: For Turkey the degrees are up to Master's.


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